The Truth Behind the Trouble At Rangers UEFA Game

On Thursday 2nd August Rangers played a Europa League qualifier and most Rangers fans were looking forward to a competitive, enjoyable game.  Instead the headlines, even before a ball was kicked, were around scenes that no one wants to see at football

But was this orchestrated?  The following evidence will put you in no doubt where this violence was orchestrated, where it was carried out from and also who facilitated it. The Tall Cranes bar on Craigton Road; home to the sectarian Govan Emerald CFC club is the place where this violence was conceived.

The owner of the bar a certain Kevin Maguire who is a known sectarian thug who is no stranger to the authorities.

This utter reprobate, who called on the Orange Order to be physically attacked, is a constant agitator of sectarian division and who goads young naïve lads into trouble through his malignant poisonous influence despite him being a middle aged man.  Just why he enjoys influencing young boys is a completely separate matter and worth an article in it’s own right.

But for now we want to show and highlight the sequence of events which took place on Thursday night before Rangers Europa League qualifying match.

The Police today (4th August) claimed the events took them by surprise and if we take them at their word then we must believe that there was no intelligence on any trouble or planned trouble.   So what changed?

Well we know that the Osijek fans where in the Tall Cranes bar.   How do we know that?   Well let Kevin Maguire explain and confirm this as accurate

That Maguire, the convicted thug, is the person behind this account let him again confirm this himself.


Now Maguire has confirmed the Croatians were to be in his bar the Tall Cranes and he also gave an estimate of the numbers of his ”catholic brothers” who were to be frequenting his slop house.   Now bear in mind the statement from the police today (4th August) that no intelligence suggested any planned attacks or trouble would occur at the Rangers game.   Yet we have a tweet @ 9:03am on the day of the game informing everyone that Eighty to a hundred Croats will be in a bar well known for it’s hatred of anything Protestant and which also hosts a Celtic supporters club led by a known convicted football thug.  Also worth bearing in mind that until the Osijek supporters go into this bar there is no sign of trouble in or around Glasgow.

Now we follow the trail which will lead to a coordinated attack which was pre planned originating from the Tall Cranes on Craigton Road.  We know Maguire was there and we also know his associate a certain Peter Dickson was also present, both Celtic Supporters.  It is important to highlight at this time that Dickson comes from Easterhouse which is an area situated a full eleven miles from Paisley Road West and Ibrox Stadium.

Now what appeared on Maguire’s timeline at the time of the attack was claims of the Tallcranes team running ”amok’. This again is highlighted by Maguire himself.


At the very same time Maguire posted a redacted video where you could only hear the voice of Dickson from Easterhouse.  He was claiming “Rangers fans were going down & not getting up”

Dickson posted on his social media twitter account that he was “just casually going about his business when this happens” & then posted the video of the trouble.  Now bear in mind that Dickson’s video was immediately posted on Maguire’s social media the Govan Emerald with the accompanying claim “Tallcranes bhoys running a mock tonight well done our catholic brothers”

Now as we have seen Maguire is a convicted criminal thug and Dickson claimed he was just “casually going about his business” 11 miles away from home, beside Ibrox Stadium, the stadium of his most hated rivals, 40 minutes before a Rangers game kicks off.

Now what can be confirmed is that Dickson and Maguire were also in the Tall Cranes bar at the time the estimated eighty to one hundred Croatians were also there.  Now that would make a mockery of Dickson’s claim he was just casually passing by.  Now we know for certain that Maguire and Dickson are known to each other and are good associates.  How do we know that?  They tell you themselves

Here both thugs and known bigots are pictured together.  Dickson on the left and the convicted criminal thug Maguire on the right. You can judge for yourselves the caption.

So we know these two thugs are associates. We know that Dickson was eleven miles away from his home. We know Rangers were playing that night. We know that Maguire and Dickson were in the Tall Cranes bar on Craigton Road with the Osijek fans who were about to launch a premeditated vicious attack on Rangers supporters guided by the local knowledge. We would also like to highlight that Maguire regularly calls for attacks.

The claim of it being a “coincidence” that Peter Dickson of Easterhouse just happened to be passing Paisley Road West at the exact time and place of the premeditated attack by the Croatians is just not believable.  The definition of a coincidence is “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent casual connection”

Does anybody believe a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent casual connection placed Peter Dickson eleven miles away from his house on Paisley Road West at the exact place and time the Croatians attacked the Rangers support which then was filtered back to Maguire giving him a live running commentary so that he could publish the events as and when they were happening?   Perhaps the Police can interview these two thugs and search the mobile phone data to see what was being said all day between these two known associates and thugs.

Now there is a postscript to this that shows the utter ineptitude of the Scottish media to understand who they ask for help for their story.  Dickson who was in the Tall Cranes bar at he same time as the 80-100 Croatians, who was also “coincidently” at the right place at the exact time to get a video and who also happened to know where the attack was to take place is asked for his permission to use his video by Joanne Bonnar of STV.

Dickson agreed to this if John McKay of STV agreed to wear a green tie when reading out the news yesterday (3rd August) on the night he used it and McKay duly obliged.  You see his mates laughing at this very fact.

So what you have here is the Scottish media asking if they can use the video recorded by one of the two persons involved in the orchestration of an attack on Rangers supporters.  This attack was instigated and conceived within the confines of the Tall Cranes bar with Maguire and Dickson helping the Croatians to coordinate and facilitate it.  All this was allowed to happen because Police Scotland were unaware of any trouble even thought Croatian police travelled with these fans our police force didn’t feel the need to track these fans and allowed them free reign to meet up with known thugs culminating in the terrible scenes so close to Rangers Stadium.

Now that people will be better informed, what we need to see now is Police Scotland, who were made to look extremely foolish by a group of convicted criminals, is for them to fully investigate the two people named in this article.  Once they do this they will find the root cause of the shocking events we witnessed on Thursday the 2nd of August.  What we can be certain of is that Dickson was not a ”casual” observer or just happening to collect his ”take away” as he claims but he was placed in the exact vicinity at the exact time when the attack was to begin.

This was coordinated,  pre-planned and premeditated violence which was originated in the slop house of the Tall Cranes bar. Now the last two images you will see here are the ”casual” Dickson openly proclaiming victory for his Croatian acquaintances of which this known thug had been with in the sectarian slop house & who claimed was just there after collecting his take away.

Does this look like a “casual” encounter?   He claims he trekked Eleven miles from home to collect his dinner.

Make no mistake he was there all day in Govan with his new found Croatian friends.  Waiting with his older associate Maguire for the right moment to direct the Croatian casuals/thugs to the best place to attack Rangers fans.  What you have here is the truth of this sorry affair.   But what will the authorities do? Over to you Police Scotland……