Has our country turned into 1930s Germany

Today in the National Media there is an outcry about an alleged assault on a Priest in Glasgow, we have all the usual bandwagon jumpers on it claiming to be members of the Orange Order who carried out this alleged assault and how the Marches for the Boyne Celebration in Scotland should be banned.

What if it was a Gay Pride, a Scottish Independence, an Irish Republican terrorist supporting march?

Would the National Media, Anti British bloggers or Members of the Parish Council Parliament in Edinburgh be calling for Marches to be banned, personally I don’t think so as it doesn’t suit their narrative or agenda for votes.

Since the Independence vote in 2014 was lost be some of these people they have strived to cause division in a once proud Country by siding with anything Anti British, Anti Protestant and having a strange but dangerous relationship with Irish Republican terrorists and their elected officials in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

At present Nicola Sturgeon and her grievance politicians are turning on the Protestant community in many ways like Adolf Hitler and his Nationalist Socialist Party did with the Jews in 1930s Germany, giving funding to promote Catholic teaching, goes on about One Scotland, diversity etc. but is looking to create division and secure the Catholic vote to further her and her party’s own agenda.

As you can see with her tweet she is allegedly appalled and wants to eradicate any behaviour like the alleged incident yesterday. This is her and her ilk making inroads to having a Protestant Christian Organisation banned from what is their right to take to the streets to celebrate their culture just like Gay Pride etc.

We also have Jeanette Findlay, Lecturer, IRA supporter and prominent Celtic fan crawling out of the woodwork to have a go about getting the marches banned. This is a woman who you couldn’t redden her neck with a blowtorch.

Jeanette Findlay, a question for you, will you be seeking help from your Irish Republican friends to help you in this? Are you advocating public disorder? Maybe it’s your time to drive the anti-Irish offended bus. With your tweet are you hoping to cause violence and then play the victim with your Republican friends, a bit like your hero who is now thankfully dead Martin “The Bogside Butcher” McGuinness.

Jeanette, you and your friends go on about a Protestant Christian Organisation celebrating a battle in 1690 yet you go on about a failed post office robbery in 1916 and countless murders at the hands of Irish Republican Murder Gangs and hold psychotic murderers of innocent people in high esteem.

Hypocrisy of the highest order and if it is anything British and Protestant then you get all offended, is there no ambulance you and your cohorts won’t chase?

No doubt self-appointed Sectarian Czar James Dornan will be on the case with new Justice Minister Humza Yousless, Dornan, a man who already revels in division and Irish Republicanism and can’t wait to get all offended by everything Rangers, British or Protestant. The bandwagon must be due to collapse with all the offended trying to get on it.

James Dornan it wasn’t that long ago that you already tried to cause division between faiths in this Country by taking to social media with an “alleged” email, answer this Mr Dornan how many “fenians” or Catholics were smashed? You, sir are an indictment of the hatred in this Country towards Protestants and members of the Orange Order, also you and your Party should be taken to task on the hatred now towards the Protestant Christian community as well as people who are Rangers Fans and see themselves as British subjects.

Humza, a question for you, if this had happened during a Muslim march, would you condemn it?

Had it been a Protestant minister during an Irish Republican walk to celebrate Irish murder gangs or one for Scottish Independence or Palestine would you even comment on it?

Will you condemn the Muslim grooming gangs operating in Glasgow and other cities in Great Britain or does that not suit your narrative?

You, like a lot of you Party members and gravy Train-ers at the Toy Parliament are always looking for something else to deflect from the incompetence of a job you and your MSP friends are doing to this once proud Country.

ONE SCOTLAND, don’t make me laugh, it is only diverse if you are anything but a Protestant, Rangers fan or British.

At the Boyne Celebration in Glasgow there were four arrests, as Justice Minister how many arrests were there at TRNSMT festival, how many arrests were they at T in the Park for drugs, violence and rapes? Are you going to ban festivals as well? I don’t think so.