Moo Ted Fenced OFF

Many will have noticed recently the claims of a certain account that rather exaggerated as it turned out his inside knowledge. This account known on twitter was Moo Ted.

Now in his avi on his social media account he claimed the following.
Ex Professional footballer
Privi (his own words) to inside knowledge
We will deal with each of these claims separately because they deserve to be dealt with individually. First of all we will tell you the name of this industrious if not widely known ex professional footballer. Steve McCormick is his real name & to your utter surprise his previous clubs included Alloa & Forfar. In fact the little medal in his avi for instance is the third division championship won with Forfar in 1995. Here our hero is seen helping very kindly with a former player who had run into ill health from that squad in 95
Now this is where is gets very interesting for Steve. His only big game was probably in 1994 when he faced the mighty Rangers with his Alloa team mates. You will see this from this old video 14.06 minutes in & you see Steve being very humbly put on his backside by Rangers legend John Brown.
Maybe that is one of the reasons he hates Rangers so much!
Now as far as I know neither Alloa or Forfar or Arbroath another of Steve’s former teams have ever been ”professional” in the highest usage of the term. So now we see Steve’s claim that he is an ex professional player in the garbage bin. Put down as wishful thinking.
Now we look at his second claim. Business man. Here is Steve’s appointments
Now this is where Steve comes into his very own. Along with his brother Jamie & wife Gail they run Redhouse fencing. Now before we go on at this point it should be pointed out that Steve has suffered an insolvency event. Yes you heard that right.
Now so we are sure & understand this Redhouse fencing is a family run business which includes brother Jamie & wife Gail
Now so we know that we are dealing with the account Moo Ted (now muted) we see here a friend tweeting the Moo Ted account & it is someone who knew Steve & his wife.
You see very clearly his wife is called Gail.  Also we have a picture of the brother Jamie
So we fully get the picture here. Now as we have seen the businessman claimed he had inside information or sorry should say may have inside information and not a few raised their eyebrows when he gave a running commentary on the Greg Docherty transfer. You see Steve & his company Redhouse Fencing sponsor Hamilton Accies!
Redhouse Fencing address The Pond Industrial Estate Whitburn Road Bathgate West Lothian EH48 2HR
This is the workplace of our privi ex professional footballer who lives incidentally at East Torphin in West Calder & calls his house ”The Byre”
Now our hero began to feed a well known blogger with tales of inside knowledge on the Docherty affair. Now what a sponsor would know about the intimate details of Hamilton’s transfer dealings is open to discussion. But this was Steve’s chance to get at Rangers. Anybody who ever had the misfortune to read his timeline understood that he has an inherent hatred of Rangers Football Club & it’s fan base. You can clearly see this here
But why a daft blogger chose to listen to this source who magnified his status as an ex professional footballer at part time clubs & who many will be disappointed to know that he only played for Alloa & such & who must have been known as a man of fantasy is anybodies guess. Really & truly the blogger would be better listening to the guy down at the supermarket. But then his sources have always had not a little duplicitous written all over them.
Now there is a funny postscript to this story. McCormick enraged that his identity was known & that he was only plain old Steve McCormick & not Charlie Nicholas set up an account to deny the fact that he was the bigoted & blatantly bigoted Moo Ted. Here is the account he set up & deleted.
The account never stayed up long & was quickly down before anyone could screen what was being said. But on the account he claimed that it had come to his attention that it was said he was the bigoted prejudiced Moo Ted. He flatly denied this fact & then asked how being married to a Protestant (Gail) which is true he could be a religious bigot. Also he threatened legal action against whom he believed the source of the information of him being known & outed as the Moo Ted account. Heady words & threats indeed!
Now I am led to believe that Steve was reminded that legal action would be inappropriate on this matter as he was reminded that he was actually logging into his Moo Ted account from his work email! You would have thought this entrepreneur businessman would have more wit than to do this. But I am afraid he didn’t.
Seen here is Steve’s login details for his @Moo_Ted account
Now this was the easy part. We then found Steve’s business email address. Now fitting very nicely into his details was
So there you have the mystery of the bigoted Moo Ted account whose wife is called Gail & who logged into his account using his work email address. Ex professional footballer not! Businessman who has suffered a liquidation and knows very very little if anything & is often given & is prone to exaggeration.