James Dornan, MSP

James Dornan MSP, an elected member of the Scottish parliament has made yet another faux-pas and this time he needs to resign.

As we have a huge game to prepare for, this is just a brief article to highlight the hypocrisy of the SNP Depute hopeful.

Dornan, in an attention seeking tweet, asked Police Scotland if they planned to stop a march organised by the Union Bears before today’s game. He reckons that the choice of wearing dark clothing means the walk is ‘threatening’. We expect a follow up from James to ban any further Milk Tray adverts and all funerals in the Cathcart constituency are cancelled until further notice.

His outburst would be funny, if it didn’t show up his double standards. James, who refuses to respond to taxpayers emails unless they live within his constituency, is now willing to get involved in events outwith his constituency. Maybe now, given his new moral crusade, James can come out and condemn the actual violence which has seen 2 young Rangers fans taken to hospital for injuries sustained by scumbags hitting them with bottles. Maybe he can condemn the hanging effigies of Rangers fans from the Hoose of Abuse. Maybe he can condemn the illegal processions held by the Green Brigade or the actual damage caused to stadiums like Fir Park and Dens Park by marauding, self proclaimed fenian bastards. Maybe, just maybe, he may even bring himself to condemn the cover up of systematic child abuse, by the team he supports. But James won’t condemn any of these, because it doesn’t fit his agenda. Hopefully the fair minded, balanced people within his constituency will remember the actions of the IRA fundraiser at the next election.

James, no doubt, will be up early to condemn the march of 30 tooled up self proclaimed fenian bastards who walked from the tall cranes to try and gain entry to the Wee Rangers Club on Edmiston Drive. These scumbag cowards were intent on attacking people who were unaware of what was to come through the door as they enjoyed their night. James will also, no doubt, question why Police Scotland, instead of jailing these filthy hate mongers, escorted them back to the shithole they came from.

The straw that broke the camels back, and confirmed that Dornan’s outburst was ‘faux offence’ was his response when jokingly called a ‘grass’. Dornan, paid to represent constituents in parliament, and a huge advocate of the OBFA, responded by saying ‘Lee Wallace will be raging’. This is, of course, reference to the Rangers captain making a complaint to the Police Scotland when he was ACTUALLY ASSAULTED while on the field of play doing his job. Celtic fans are totally oblivious to the fact that if Jock Stein, Tommy Burns, Billy McNeill or such were grasses, then the most vile, criminal episode in UK sporting history could have been stopped early. They call Lee Wallace a ‘grass’ for having the audacity to make a complaint to the police. Making light of this attack on the Rangers captain shows that Dornan only supports the OBFA as a vehicle to punish offensive behaviour BY Rangers fans. It shows that Dornan considers the singing of tribal songs to be a worse crime than actually entering the field of play and attacking the Rangers captain.

Rangers are back and scummy Republican bastards like Dornan are shitting themselves.

The whole of the Rangers support need to stand with Union Bears today and show filthy hatemongers like Dornan that they will never defeat us.

No surrender. No apology.