Scottish Nationalism and Violent Irish Republicanism – Part 1 – John Mason

Although the association between Scottish nationalism and violent Irish republicanism has been well documented, the purpose of this series of blogs is to collate as much evidence as possible regarding such and to highlight to just what extent the two agendas are synonymous with one another. Originally, this was intended to feature in one blog post, however, given the seriousness and amount of links between Scottish nationalism and Irish republican violence, it would be best served to release these blogs as a series. We think that tells its own story.

For the first part in the series, we would like to draw your attention to John Mason MSP who, as is the norm within Scottish nationalist circles, believes the IRA are and were ‘freedom fighters’.

We know that John Mason MSP considers himself a Christian and is proud to state that he is a member of the Easterhouse Baptist Church congregation in his Twitter bio. This will seem rather confusing to everyone then that John is purporting the ‘freedom fighter’ propaganda. What is perhaps more startling is how at odds John’s ‘freedom fighter’ beliefs are with his own Church.

Easterhouse Baptist Church was once the proud home of the 215th Glasgow Boys Brigade (BB). This fantastic Christian organisation was formed in John’s own city of Glasgow and their objective is “The advancement of Christ’s kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.”

Given John’s proclaimed faith, the City he is from and the history of his Church having hosted a Company of Boys Brigade, you would be forgiven for thinking he would offer his full support to all of the Christian children within its ranks.

Take into consideration then, the sickening and cowardly attack on November 8 1987. The IRA brutally murdered 12 innocent Christians and left 63 others injured after detonating a 40lb bomb at a service of remembrance in Enniskillen.

Lesser known to the public is that the IRA had planted a 150lb bomb (four times more powerful) just 18 miles away from the scene of the massacre at Enniskillen, in a village called Tullyhommon.

The intended targets of the massive bomb in Tullyhommon that day were young, Christian children of the Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade.

Freedom fighters, John? Would John still consider the IRA ‘freedom fighters’ if it had been the 215th Glasgow Boys Brigade of his own Easterhouse Baptist Church who were targeted that day? What would his advice to them have been, knowing that their Brothers and Sisters were the survivors of a sickening IRA plot to murder them? Here is an excerpt of an article covering the incident from the Newsletter:

We can only thank God for the incompetence of John Mason’s ‘freedom fighters’ which saved the lives of scores of innocent Christian children that day.

We searched far and wide for more information on the 215th Glasgow Boys Brigade but our efforts did not turn much up. Instead we have found a picture of the 212th Glasgow Boys Brigade (Springburn District) from the very same year in which the attack took place:

Note the flags. Would John Mason MSP really care if the ‘freedom fighters’ had targeted his own Church’s the 215th Glasgow Boys Brigade? Is John Mason MSP really a Christian? Here’s one for you, John: Matthew 15:7-8 You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you: These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Good luck searching your heart, John, we don’t think you’ll find much of Christ in there!