The Beautiful Game: Think Again!

The SFA have issued notices of complaint against Falkirk duo Joe McKee and Kevin O’Hara for ‘excessive misconduct’ against former Rangers player and Northern Irish Protestant Dean Shiels. O’Hara was today handed just an 8 match ban by the SFA whilst Joe McKee’s hearing is due to take place on November 16.

Hideous O’Hara taunts Shiels’ over his disability

The media are dubbing this as ‘verbal abuse’, which it is, but let us be absolutely clear this depraved act is not just verbal abuse but is rightly considered a hate crime and is covered under section 146 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 as highlighted below:

146  Increase in sentences for aggravation related to disability[F1, sexual orientation or transgender identity] E+W

This section has no associated Explanatory Notes

(1)This section applies where the court is considering the seriousness of an offence committed in any of the circumstances mentioned in subsection (2).

(2)Those circumstances are—

(a)that, at the time of committing the offence, or immediately before or after doing so, the offender demonstrated towards the victim of the offence hostility based on—

(i)the sexual orientation (or presumed sexual orientation) of the victim,…

(ii)a disability (or presumed disability) of the victim, or

(iii)the victim being (or being presumed to be) transgender, or]

(b)that the offence is motivated (wholly or partly)—

(i)by hostility towards persons who are of a particular sexual orientation,…

(ii)by hostility towards persons who have a disability or a particular disability, or

(iii)by hostility towards persons who are transgender.

Naturally, Imperial Bears felt that it would be worthwhile digging further into the behaviour and background of both Kevin O’Hara and Joe McKee (full name Joseph John Paul McKee). As you might have guessed, both professional footballers are lifelong Celtic supporters and come from Scotland’s Irish and Roman Catholic community.


As we can see from the poorly worded, misspelled and frankly almost indecipherable posts below, uneducated Kevin O’Hara is no stranger to hate crime. Repeated use of the word ‘hun’, a derogatory term for Protestants, is prevalent on Kevin’s social media channels.


Thick bigot Kevin O’Hara’s posts on Facebook.

We know O’Hara is a simpleton and will try to brush this off with the usual excuse of “Huns means Rangers” but be under no illusion that on his Facebook posts, the sectarian bigot is talking about Protestants.

Although the abuse received by Shiels was centred around his disability is a hate crime in itself, when you look at the evidence it becomes clear that the behaviour was ultimately religiously motivated.

Joseph John Paul McKee, another Celtic supporter, has been busy on his own social media channel deleting tweets connecting him to Celtic. The confused bigot must not have realised that the other side of the conversation is still visible.


Given Celtic’s history and shameful fanbase, it does spark wonder as to what exactly was said to Shiels by McKee. Especially when you take into consideration that this is the same SFA rule broken in 2014 by Celtic’s Aleksander Tonev when he racially abused black Aberdeen player Shay Logan.


[1] A notice of complaint was issued by the Compliance Officer to Aleksandar Tonev, the appellant, arising out of a match which took place at Celtic Park between Celtic FC and Aberdeen FC on 13 September 2014. The complaint alleged that the appellant had breached Rule 202 of the Disciplinary Rules of the Scottish Football Association (SFA) set out at Annex A of the Judicial Panel Protocol, by committing “Excessive Misconduct by the use of offensive, insulting and abusive language of a racist nature”. The notice set 9 October as the date for the Principal Hearing. On 26 September 2014 Liam O’Donnell, solicitor, wrote to the Compliance Officer on behalf of the appellant to state that he “strongly denies” the alleged breach of Rule 202 and that he would be representing him at the hearing. Thereafter the hearing was rearranged for 30 October.

In that case the charge is described below by the SFA as “Excessive Misconduct by the use of offensive, insulting and abusive language of a racist nature”. Why then has the additional element of the charges under rule 202 been omitted from both O’Hara and McKee’s Notice of Complaint on the SFA website? Why does it not make any reference to what the charges are for, as they did with Tonev’s in 2014? Why has the SFA omitted the disability discrimination from the Notices of Complaint on their website? Is there another part of the charge we might not be hearing about in the media?

It does seem strange that the SFA is not disclosing this part of the charge. It also seems strange that Police Scotland has not acted to arrest and charge both O’Hara and McKee under section 146 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003, particularly when there is a big onus on unacceptable abuse in the workplace all over the media and in the Scottish Parliament right now. Police Scotland has failed Dean Shiels entirely by not acting to stamp out this disgusting abuse.

We assure you all and remind you again that discriminatory behaviour is completely unacceptable whilst the agenda and sectarian undertone of Police Scotland and the SNP Government may let you believe otherwise.

We know why Dean Shiels was targeted and so do O’Hara and McKee.