Mac Giolla Bhain fiasco proves SRTRC Is Unfit For Purpose

Imperial Bears once before showed very clearly that the man with the vivid imagination invented for himself a colourful descent that never existed. This was brought out here

Is Phil Mac Giolla Bhain Unhinged?

But this time he again attempted & ultimately failed to write a narrative in regards to the recent fiasco with Show Racism The Red Card Scotland which even by his standards is a blatant attempt to portray himself as someone whose opinion matters.

Many now know that SRTRC Scotland had a meeting with him which took place on Monday 25th September 2017 & of course this was confirmed the next day with a picture of the amicable meeting on the SRTRC twitter feed of Mac Giolla Bhain & the woman he had his discussions with Nicola Hay. What transpired was that Ms Hay was inundated with complaints & that ensued a statement from SRTRC distancing themselves from Mac Giolla Bhain & of course all pictures removed from their twitter account. Incidentally Ms Hay has now locked her personal twitter account. No doubt there is a valid reason for that.

Now on the Wednesday 27th September Mac Giolla Bhain gave the world his response to the events. Not unexpectedly his version was clouded in innuendos. But this extract from the piece was very telling. ”Therefore, it was with some optimism that I agreed to meet with the SRTRC person” That person of course was Nicola Hay. It is clear from Phil’s claim that ”He agreed to meet” he was implying that his presence was sought from the SRTRC person. But that appears to be at odds with Ms Hay’s version of events as can be seen from her response to an individual asking for clarification from SRTRC for the reason they invited a known bigot & divisive character to speak on an important issue.

That full response is here. Noticeable is her take on Phil’s claim that he agreed to meet SRTRC. This seems to be contradictory to Mac Giolla Bhain’s claim. ”As far as I am concerned I got a call on Saturday (23/09/17) by Phil ASKING if we needed help with out anti Irish racism” Note carefully ”by Phil asking”

It appears he wasn’t asked but volunteered himself. Phil for the last five years has consistently attempted to sanitise or legitimise & even normalise his divisive writings. It appears the rebel journalist feels cold on the outside of things & that looking in has left him with hyperthermia. Remember his attempts at a book serialisation with a paper he supposedly despised? Perhaps he thought this was another chance of normalisation & recognition if he could get through the SRTRC door.

But what was disconcerting was Ms Hay’s claim in her reply. ”I will read through the various blog posts & if I have made a mistake will hold my hands up”

Now Ms Hay followed Mac Giolla Bhain on twitter. She also followed some of the most vicious bigots & hatemongers who daily strive to cause sectarian divisions. This was very surprising. To claim as she did that she knew nothing about his background is extremely worrying & we believe disingenuous as even a casual look & glimpse at his twitter line reveals a deeply disturbed & divisive character who deliberately courts division.

The posts Ms Hay was presented with we are led to believe was his infamous ”Incubator” which he attempted to remove from public consumption but was archived & retrieved. But Ms Hay need only have googled his name & come up with more than that. Interesting is this TAL post from March 2013

During the event he asked me to come outside for a chat. Standing on Westmoreland Street he requested that I remove the battery from my phone… He obviously thought that time had stood still for 18 years and that this was the same naive person from the early 1990’s that he was meeting again. He immediately launched into ‘Walter Mitty mode’ with all sorts of fantastical claims about the republican movement and his own place within it. He also made allusions that he was part of an unspecified ‘new movement’ that was opposed to the Good Friday Agreement and which was in the course of recruiting new members”

This is also a very interesting piece

where the rebel fantasist writes about IRA guns. So here was a man described as a ”Walter Mitty” discussing the merits of illegal guns & their importance to an armed struggle discussing racism with a so called respectable charity & Ms Hay knew nothing about his previous background!

So what we have established is that now Mac Giolla Bhain can not even volunteer himself for a job & that Ms Hay & through her SRTRC now stand totally discredited & are not fit for purpose & if SRTRC are to have any future credibility they need to ensure it is not with Ms Hay as it’s campaign manager.