The Celtic Support & the Inherent Sectarian Problem

Most right thinking people will agree that Celtic FC have a serious sectarian problem. This despite the claim from the football club itself that they are a club that is open to all. Recent months have highlighted that they are a bigoted & sectarian & small minded football club from the fan base to those in charge of running the football club. Sickening terrorist glorification is the weekly fare at every stadium Celtic play in & at a recent game BT Sports covered they had to mute the sound to stop the watching audience from hearing this. All over you tube you can freely obtain videos & such of this weekly fest & clearly audible is the bile that is chanted with increasing frequency. But why they chose to sing a sectarian rant about the Rangers kit man baffled most right thinking people & commentators. The Sun were the first media outlet in Scotland so far to highlight what appeared on social media & sickened even the most hardened of football fans & a charity which was set up to combat sectarianism to condemn what they had heard. Nil By Mouth describing it as poison.

The Sun

The video can be heard here Imperial Bears Twitter

The band is a well known bigoted republican minded or Celtic minded, because it is now becoming impossible to separate the two, called ”Shebeen”

The proper definition of Shebeen isan unlicensed establishment or private house selling alcohol and typically regarded as slightly disreputable”

In this case ”slightly disreputable” is not an apt description of this band of rabble rousers because they are not slightly disreputable but just simply disreputable. What is disconcerting is that this band plays all over Scotland & has been across to the Felons club in West Belfast. Their bookings in the past have included these venues.

Now one can only imagine with what hysteria these rabble rousers are greeted with at their gigs if the Jimmy Bell song is anything to go by & you can just imagine the sectarian vitriolic bile that would be customary at the venues they play at. What is also notable is that current SPFL player Anthony Stokes was pictured on stage with this band. Though that may not be surprising to many as he has constantly involved himself with undesirables from a dubious background in the past. But now we can also identify some members of this sickening & poisonous sectarian rabble who go by the name of ”Shebeen” First up is guitarist Padraig Mor. Now Padraig has now deleted all his social media accounts but before he did we were able to save & grab his photo. Maybe the thought of the media showing his sick songs on video gave poor Padraig stage fright. Which is surprising given he likes to play to an audience. Here is Padraig on stage during the poisonous sectarian singing

And here is Padraig pictured before he took stage fright & took down his social media accounts

I am sure you will agree he is not a pretty picture. Second up is singer Ailin O’Cuinn or just plain simple Anglicised Alan Quinn

And again here is Quinn’s picture from his social media account

These are the faces of those who regularly whip up many from the Celtic minded into a sectarian vitriolic bile. This is what is becoming increasingly acceptable to the Celtic board as they have time & time failed to address the sectarian masses within their support & have openly rewarded them with their own section. Question is when are the media in Scotland & politicians along with organisations such as Nil By Mouth going to confront this naked Celtic FC bigotry & call it for exactly what it is? Why have the police not involved themselves in attempting to eradicate this bile from society? Now as it happens the band are playing at Kellys Cumbernauld on the 29th September as highlighted here

& you can see the two sectarian bigoted band members Padraig Mor & Alan Quinn pictured together at a recent hate fest. How these people are allowed to spread their hate & vitriolic bile is beyond the comprehension of a decent civilised society. Hateful songs which then transcend to the stadiums that are unfortunate to house those supporters who follow Celtic FC are now becoming all to frequent. Imperial Bears now call on the authorities both political & civil to act to prevent more scenes witnessed in the video & more hate being belted out from football stadiums that also have children in attendance. People like Padraig Mor & Alan Quinn who can be seen in the video audibly encouraging their crowd to sing their hateful lyrics should have no place whatsoever in football & neither given the opportunity to indoctrinate their hatred on vulnerable & impressionable people. So far Celtic FC & Lawwell have failed to address the sectarianism that emanates from their fan base & have not taken the issue seriously. That needs to be addressed by Lawwell as a matter of urgency.

Show Bigotry The Red Card