Another Sunday and another attack on the Protestant community …

Another Sunday and another attack on the Protestant community by the Sunday Herald. This time it is a real beauty. A Scottish female has contacted Police Scotland in relation to a picture which had been ‘uncovered’ by the religious bigots at The Herald Group.

You can just imagine the excitement sweeping the news room as senior reporter (try not to laugh) Peter Swindon unveiled this ground breaking exclusive. An exclusive so grand that it would be sure to shock and stun the nation.

Sadly for Peter, though, he is unlikely ever to experience any such kind of thrill as a professional due to his blatantly obvious motives and distinct lack of any journalistic integrity whatsoever.

“Right, McKay, it’s Peter… are you sitting down? Listen to this, remember that 4 year old picture we spent a 12 hour shift trawling those Orange Bastards Facebook page for?”

Aye that’s right the fancy dress Nazi one! Well, a contact has phoned Police Scotland to make a complaint of a Hate Crime and guess what… the officer was busy doing real police work and told her to scram! Can you believe it?

I’ll have it all ready in time for the printers, I’ve contacted Nil By Mouth and the Catholic Church, are there any other Protestant haters I should speak to first?”

Let’s just think about this… senior reporter Peter Swindon has run an exclusive on a woman phoning Police Scotland to report a hate crime.  A hate crime she believes constituted by dressing up as a Nazi at a fancy dress party, four years ago!

Well done, Peter! Absolutely sterling work. You are destined for the very top, I have no doubt.

Fortunately for him, Peter can be seen as a Herald Group ‘moderate’, but only because he is flanked in the staff room by the more prominent Protestant haters. Cat Boyd, Angela Haggerty, Hardeep Singh Kohli and Andrew Whittaker are all on the Herald Group payroll.

In a snapshot from Boyd’s ’12 Things You Didn’t Know About Cat Boyd’ published on Angela Haggerty’s Common Space, we start to get a fair idea of The Herald Group’s recruitment policy.

Who is your hero and why?

Bernadette Devlin, or Bernadette McAliskey as she’s known now.  Without a doubt.  Her book “The Price of my Soul” is one of the most important things I’ve ever read.  It’s written in simple, direct language but tells the totally absorbing story of her life, from abject poverty in County Tyrone to reading the movement for civil rights.

I suppose most people know her as the youngest parliamentarian who reached across the floor of the House of Commons and slapped the Tory home secretarty for lying about the Bloody Sunday massacre.  She certainly got her point across and I think she’s a good role model in that regard, for sure.”

“Without a doubt” Cat Boyd’s hero is Bernadette Devlin. A deranged and violent supporter of armed terrorism. So supportive of armed terrorism is she, that she actually helped form the Irish Republican Socialist Party, the political wing of the INLA. In addition, after swearing an Oath of Allegiance to the British Monarch, the ‘heroic’ Devlin reached out and violently assaulted Conservative MP & Home Secretary Reginald Maudling within the House of Commons. Cat Boyd’s hero and ‘good role model’ is a violent terrorist.

There’s more…

If you could spend an hour with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Margaret Thatcher, I’d tell her all about her greatest legacy, New Labour, was falling apart.  I’d show her videos from the referendum and ask how she felt about her beloved Britain holding together by a thread.”

So full of anger and with hatred oozing from her every pore, Boyd, if given the choice of anyone, dead or alive, to spend an hour with she chooses Margaret Thatcher. That’s right, her friends, deceased family all come second to Cat’s lust for hate. You will be surprised to learn then that the girl with the red hair below is Cat Boyd, dancing jovially at the “Thatcher Death Party”.

Sadly but not surprisingly, this woman is paid by The Herald Group so that her sick and violent views can go out in a national newspaper. Her Mother, Isabelle Boyd CBE (yes, you read that correctly, Cat’s Mother is a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire), head teacher at Cardinal Newman Roman Catholic School must be so proud.

Cat’s hero swore allegiance to the British Monarch and her Mother earned herself a CBE. One would be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that Cat is merely a confused little girl.

Another on The Herald Group’s payroll we will now look at is a prominent independence campaigner, slum landlord and sadly also a sex pest. Englishman Hardeep Singh Kohli, brother of ‘Navid’ was educated at a private Roman Catholic school before going on to study law at the University of Glasgow.

What most Sunday Herald readers might be surprised to learn is that Englishman Kohli has a somewhat grubby and seedy past.

It can be no clearer that sexual deviancy and profiteering from squalor is no bar to employment at The Herald Group.

In addition to this sickening and squalid behaviour, Kohli compared the Israeli Army’s invasion of the Gaza strip to some Rangers supporters’ behaviour in Manchester on the evening of the UEFA cup final. Five hundred peoples’ deaths trivialised to get a cheap dig into Rangers and Rangers supporters.

Andrew Marr countered, “not a Rangers supporter then”?   Hardeep  replied: “what, with this colour”.

That’s right, The Herald Group pay a slum landlord, sexual deviant & Protestant hater for his views to be aired in a national newspaper.

I will not bore you with the likes of Haggerty and her IRA family.

It is though worth having another read over the article posted on religious bigot & Protestant hater Andrew Whittaker:

The Scottish Media & The Final Solution

So, we know beyond any reasonable doubt that The Herald Group remunerate people who can be accurately described as the following:

  • Protestant hater
  • INLA supporter
  • IRA supporter
  • Sexual deviant
  • Slum landlord
  • Religious bigot
  • Terrorist sympathiser
  • Celebrate death, pain & violence

I think that tells its own story and gives us a good idea of why we are reading anti Protestant hatred week after week. A once respected newspaper has sold its soul to a hideous agenda of religious hatred and keeps all sorts of nasty and vile individuals employed. A hate rag.