The #changetherecord campaign by Rangers fans seems to be having an affect on the Daily Record already. In order to starve this rhag of oxygen, remember the following-

DON’T BUY – Naturally, the circulation of the print version has dropped dramatically over the past decade, with the rise of online reading. Let us get to the stage where producing a print edition is a loss maker for the Trinity Group!

DON’T SHARE – Do not share any articles written by the Daily Record. If you need others to see an article then you should copy and paste the article, to avoid referring people to the website. The more hits on the website, the more money the Rangers haters get.

3. DON’T CLICK – If you come across a link to a Daily Record article, don’t click on it. As explained above, the more hits on the website, the more money the Daily Record will receive, to pay the wages of guys like Murray Foote!

With the #changetherecord boycott going well, and most Rangers fans seeming to be joining in, the next stage is to starve the Trinity Group of advertising cash. We will pick one company at a time, and put pressure on them to cease their relationship with the Daily Record.

Points to make when contacting these companies

1. Advise that in line with the Rangers support you will not buy any of their products or use any of their services until they cease funding the Daily Record

2. Advise that you will actively discourage friends and family from using the company, and will recommend alternatives.

3. Advise that you will contact Rangers FC and request that the club ceases any commercial relationship with them (if applicable).

4. If you have business interests, make sure to advise that your business will be reviewing their relationship as well! For example emails or tweets please contact Imperial Bears. Let’s ensure these are sent en masse


The first company to target is one of Scotland’s largest and most successful companies. How will Arnold Clark feel about potentially losing hundreds of thousands of Scottish clients.

Eddie Hawthorne

Arnold Clark 454 Hillington Road Glasgow G52 4FH

0141 648 1200

Eddie.Hawthorne@arnoldclark.co.uk @arnoldclark