Liam O’Hare

Ladies and Gentlemen of the PUL community let me introduce you to Journalist and Celtic supporting left wing, Rangers and Protestant hater Liam O’Hare (also known as Liam MaGuire at an address in Glasgow, probably to hide where he lives).

Take a look at Liam O’Hare (@Liam_O_Hare):

Liam O’Hare is to blame for the violence at Fletcher’s shop in Sunderland when after reading a tweet he put up Celtic fans took it upon themselves to confront anti Islam Tommy Robinson and commit violence by letting off flares and throwing bottles and bricks into the shop which was mainly filled by women and children. One of the Celtic fans were put in hospital and the blame for encouraging this sort of behaviour all lies firmly at the door of Liam O’Hare for inciting violence and hatred.

Liam O’Hare has previous for this type of behaviour, this is a man who took to twitter and asked for a massed protest against the Orange Order in Glasgow because of his hate filled agenda which spews out of the pieces he writes in various newspapers and online.

Liam O’Hare we at Imperial Bears are calling you out on your hate filled agenda, your views against Rangers FC and their fans, your anti semetic views against the Jewish Community and your hatred of all things British. Do you also believe if someone wears a Rangers FC top then it is open season on them because it doesn’t suit your hate filled agenda? We await with haste on your reply