Sheffield Away

Yet again, the largest and most loyal away support in world football will mobilise this weekend. Rangers travel to Yorkshire to take on Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough on Sunday. The official allocation is 7800, but many more bears are set to follow follow. Quite incredible for a pre-season friendly!

The moonhowlers and gutter press will be scouring social media to grab any screenshots or videos of any behaviour that has been deemed as unacceptable in a bid to ruin the lives of members of the PUL community, based on a hatred of our beliefs, and their jealousy of the club we follow.

Only last week, The Rangers Observer revealed that a senior member of staff at the boycotted Daily Record had contacted a complainants employer, in order to try and get him sacked. His crime was to complain about biased and factually incorrect reporting! The gutter press in Scotland will stoop to any level in order to ruin the lives of members of the PUL community. Yet when someone posted a picture of STVs Grant Russell, which he himself used as a Facebook profile pic, he cried like a big sissy, playing the victim card and declaring it unacceptable behaviour. As Rangers fans we are used to being treated to different standards to our peers. As the famous song declares ‘No one like us, we don’t care’.

Imperial Bears would like to reach out and wish our members and the wider Rangers support a great trip, but would urge caution. If you are singing anything which you feel may be land you in trouble, cover up with a scarf. And if you have any photos or videos which could see fellow fans in trouble then DO NOT put them on social media and hang bears out to dry.

While some within our support are happy handwringers and snowflakes, it’s time to stick together. Some may enjoy the added twitter followers and likes they get from pandering to the PC brigade. Don’t be like these idiots! The fans of every other club hate us with a passion. What woukd they do? While supporters of other clubs bottle 10 yo kids in the knowledge that they will not be identified, Rangers fans are giving the gutter press the oxygen they need to survive and keeping the hateful filth in a job.

If you, or anyone you know, does get attention from the press or from the police, contact us as soon as possible and we will help in any way we can. Two words are all you need. To the press, no comment. To the police, not guilty