Earlier we regrettably advised that our scheduled  meeting was cancelled due to a flooding incident. We can now advise that the reason for the flooding was our members pishing themselves laughing at the reaction to our @disbandgb twitter account and petition. Even for the moon howling Celtic support, the meltdown was of epic proportions!

There is a serious side to the reaction, however. The vitriol aimed at the account by the Celtic fans (claiming the account couldn’t possibly be Celtic fans because they didn’t support the IRA) wasn’t a surprise to us. Only the Celtic board and their media puppets can continue to pretend that terrorist glorification comes from a ‘small minority’. 

Some fans, and indeed journalists, claim the Green Brigade need to be excused because they create an atmosphere inside the half-filled stadium. Basically we are being told that bigotry and hate-filled bile is justifiable if it creates a noise!! That must be why the police and stewards seem powerless to arrest them or confiscate banners. The club pretend to be exasperated by the ‘Ultras’ but we know they have a room inside the stadium to store their banners, we know the club have helped them organise displays, and we know that you can’t smuggle banners that size into a modern day football stadium without detection.

Other fans, and indeed the crowdfunding ‘journalist, James Dole-man, questioned how a group claiming Celtic was a club ‘open to all’ could call for a ban. Most free thinking, rational people believe that patrons would still be required to adhere to the terms and conditions of the tickets and the laws of the land. Strange as it may be for uber left-wing activists to passionately support a state in which abortion is still illegal, it is clear from the reaction to our account that the MAJORITY of Celtic fans believe the club is only open to those who support Irish Republicanism.

Within an hour of the twitter account being set up, and having only 7 followers, the Celtic View ( or Evening Times as it is commonly known) showed how far journalism in Scotland has plummeted. Stacey Mullen ran a story about this ‘pressure group’ and it was the most read story on their website last night! The story even provoked the moon howlers into setting up a ‘Disband the Evening Times’ campaign. Absolute comedy gold. We were courted by Liam O’Hare and James Doleman, It is ironic that these two Rangers haters should be dropping their drawers to us.

We didn’t expect this wee prank to spread like it did, but our next expose will also feature the Green Brigade, and like their illegal pyrotechnics, it will be explosive.

Stay tuned