Meet The Fluckers 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Protestant community let me introduce you to James Flucker from Edinburgh, a product of sectarian schooling at Holyrood Roman Catholic High School, also known on twitter as the bigoted hater @AntonioPiccante and allegedly good friend of the Lurgan Bigot Neil Lennon.
A man who thinks that being allegedly upper middle class means he is above prosecution and is exempt from anti-sectarian laws in Scotland.
James Flucker or @AntonioPiccante and his previous incarnation @jaydot64 has been spreading his hate for a number of years on social media but now Mr. Flucker you have been chosen by the Imperial Bears to show you in the light you deserve. 
Below is a number of tweets chosen out of hundreds to which we could use to highlight your hatred but those will be for another day.

The bigot known as @AntonioPiccante tried to hide his identity but using pictures on his twitter and from his old tag @jaydot64 along with his wife Christina’s facebook we were able to find you and expose you for who you are.

Let us now highlight James Flucker and his wife Christina’s business interests incase anyone has dealings with these Companies and wish to reconsider due the bigoted nature of Mr. Flucker. … pointments

We will refrain from posting pictures of you and your family as the old saying “the sins of the father” etc but we would hate to highlight them also if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as we have all the information needed to do that.
If you want do drop by his wife Christina’s facebook page and leave some good wishes then here is the the link

Their hairdressing business website
and facebook page

So James Flucker @AntonioPiccante the next time maybe you want to indulge in sectarian behaviour towards Protestants or Rangers fans you might want to think again as we are watching.