Oh Father you Have Sinned!

Most bears will have heard to the twitter account @FrPaulStone. Continually obsessing about a football club. Not his own child abusing club but the worlds most successful club, The Rangers. Constant bile spouted against our club and supporters has drawn our attention to him and his tweets. He thinks he was clever enough to delete tweets and try hide his identity.

Well after months of investigations Father Stone is about to be famous. 

We give the Loyal Rangers Support Paul Kennedy AKA @FrPaulStone. A business owner from Coatbridge. Please make sure you avoid his business, DIRECT AUTOMATIC DOOR SYSTEMS LIMITED, if you need any work done on a door entry system. 

Not only does he specialise on tweeting garbage he spends his time phoning the Polis to complain about certain Rangers mined tweeters.

Enjoy your infamy Paul