The Scottish Media & The Final Solution

The final solution is generally regarded as the culmination of a decade long policy under the rule of a crazed & deranged & not to exclude evil Hitler.

A policy which included dehumanisation & demonisation of a people who were of the Jewish faith. Today in modern Scotland & particularly among journalists & intolerants on social media there is a definite concerted  agenda to dehumanise & demonise those who belong to the Orange Order. That is very self evident if anyone is familiar with social media.

The Orange Order which is open to those of the Reformed faith be they Anglican or Presbyterian or Dissenter. It is an organisation which exists to maintain the principles of the Reformed faith. It’s detractors allow all other faiths their particular principles bar of course the Orange Order which they do not afford the same levels of tolerance.

But what is frightening is the demonisation of a group & organisation by journalists & one wonders at whose behest they are carrying out what can only be described as a ”witch hunt” against members of the Order.

Recently Andrew Whitaker of the Herald produced a piece for his employers & specifically mentioned Conservative & Labour councillors who had been elected to the Scottish councils at the recent council election. This was in response to the Scottish Orange Order congratulating their members who had been elected to council throughout Scotland via their social media twitter account.

Now pictured is a screen grab of a private conversation between the journalist Mr Whitaker & another person who shall remain anonymous.

This is an incredible conversation. The anonymous person requests why Whitaker wants to know why he has so much interest in members of the Orange Lodge who had been elected to Council. The Herald’s journalist wants names & locations of politicians who are members of the Orange in Scotland. Now take a deep breath at this juncture & consider what is being requested here. Personal details & locations.

This campaign now looks to be sinister in its origins. To actively seek members of the Order for the crime of being in the Order is bad enough but to induce others & request their personal details & locations so that they can contact & possibly worse pass on these details to others who are are not benevolent towards the organisation is actually frightening.

Why would a politician who is a member of the Orange Order be newsworthy or of interest to a level headed right thinking journalist? 

Do prominent politicians who are of different faiths than those who are members of the Orange attract such attention? Do they get the same level of attention & scrutiny & questions to the point that journalists want their personal details & locations?

Is Scottish journalism now embarking on a course similar to that waged in Nazi Germany were those of a particular faith are singled out & hunted down to the point were they seek to identify politicians who are members of an organisation who uphold Reformed faith principles & they can publish their names & locations so they can exploit & demonise them? 

This is a singularly worrying trend & should alarm all who cherish religious & civil liberties & who should not have to be ashamed because they adhere to a faith they have been born into & brought up with.

Now Mr Whitaker of the Herald should learn tolerance towards others as can be seen in his likes on his social media accounts. 

Sadomasochism & bondage are not my thing & are not for everybody I assume but I believe & understand that these types of things are tolerated in society now. Be that as it may if I were to offer any counsel to Mr Whitaker & good counsel it would be in my opinion is that he should learn a little tolerance & respect for others whose faith & lifestyle may differ from his.