​Before You Vote

Before You Vote

The Scottish Leaders Debate last night confirmed what we have all known for a very long time.  Nicola Sturgeon is a bare faced liar, and will stoop to any depths in order to achieve the independence dream which was indoctrinated within her from a very young age.

Sturgeon claimed that Kezia Dugdale told her in a private phone call that she believed Labour should stop opposing a second referendum after the Brexit vote.  This is a complete and utter fabrication told on live TV.  If you remember back to First Ministers Questions after the Brexit vote, Sturgeon again told bare faced lies regarding a conversation she had with Theresa May, and was told to ‘sit down’ by Ruth Davidson.

Remember she proudly proclaimed that she would take in an asylum seeker as a lodger? Throw in the ‘once in a lifetime’ quote, the series of bullshit figures in the white paper and we are beginning to paint the picture of an untrustworthy dictator who will feed her constituents any old tripe in order to secure the one thing that has ever mattered in her life (if you ignore the marriage of convenience).

The SNP claim to be advocates of democracy, yet they will not allow their own MPs to vote with their own mind and the needs of their own constituents, instead, insisting that they all toe the party line.  How can the needs of a rural fishing village up north be the same as the people of Glasgow?  Is it democratic to take away the right of an elected MP to vote as they or their constituents see fit?  Is it democratic to ignore the vote of the Scottish Parliament, as the SNP have done on NHS, education and the farcical OBFA?

The Supreme Court, when blocking the much maligned ‘named person scheme’ compared it to the legislation of a totalitarian state.  Take into consideration the creation of a national police force and the dehumanisation of any ‘infidel’ and you can see that the Supreme Court comments are spot on!  We even had the sectarian MP, Paul Monaghan, proving my earlier point regarding democracy, by having a go at the influence of the Supreme Court using EU law to block the SNP bill, yet he voted to stay within the EU!!!  Hypocritical? Certainly.

Sturgeon wanted to be judged on her record on education.  The results are now out and a country once world leading in mathematics and science is now struggling to compete with third world countries.  All is fine, however, as SNP serial foot in mouth MSP John Mason told us that numeracy and literacy skills don’t matter!  I can see his logic, if people can’t do sums and can’t read white papers then the SNP will continue in power!  In all seriousness, however, surely the First Minister should resign immediately.

SNP are soft on education, and they are also supporters of terrorism.  After the Manchester bombing, and London terror attach SNP supporters were claiming these were Westminster conspiracies meant to derail the independence debate.  If anything were to show you how ill in the head these brainwashed knuckle draggers are then that it is.  We have had numerous SNP candidates outed as sectarian bigots, supporting Irish Republican terrorists, like Allan Casey, who is a member of a Republican Flute Band honouring the memory of a dead terrorist.  We have also witnessed Margaret Ferrier, Michael Matheson and Tommy Sheppard present at a march for Palestinian hunger strikers, and we have seen many support events for IRA hunger strikers who died through hatred for the United Kingdom.  At a time when our country is under threat from extremists, how can we trust filth like this to be in positions of power?

My final point is on austerity, a myth created by Holyrood as a stick to use against Westminster.  The Barnett formula ensures that Scottish citizens receive around £1700 per head more than their English neighbours.  SNP have control over tax, NHS, education, welfare, local government, social work, and Scottish road networks.  These areas are not failing because of the big bad Tories.  They are failing because SNP have allocated all their money to ‘vote winning’ policies such as free prescriptions for all, council tax freezes and free university degrees for all EU citizens except English and Welsh students.  If the country can’t balance its books with this extra Barnett cash, then how on earth are we supposed to balance the books without it?

Never mind, however, Nicola Sturgeon can still afford to fly around in an SNP emblazoned helicpopter, spend over £40000 on a jolly to the USA and wave a £400 Mont Blanc pen around our TV screens at FMQ while our children struggle to read and write!

Use your vote wisely tomorrow in what is a first past the post system.  Vote for the unionist party most likely to put an end to this decade long stagnation, and let us take care of our children, elderly and infirm.  Let’s give the SNP a bloody nose and tell them we will no longer stand for divisionism.