Scottish Nationalism Inseparable From Violent Irish Republicanism

The title of this post will become very apparent when yet again evidence is produced to clearly demonstrate that the ideologies of both Scottish nationalism & violent Irish republicanism embrace & overlap & have become intertwined  & the difference between the two is now non-existent.

Meet Sean Davenport who yesterday (03/04/2017) joined the march for independence in Glasgow. 


He is the bespectacled gentleman holding the Cairde Na hEireann at this particular gathering. Now that group has given us the Provo doll seller Mariea Hughes seen here

They have also been raided by police anti terrorist units

Sean Davenport a social worker for East Dunbartonshire Council runs the social media account on twitter for this particular supporter of Irish terrorism. He also it believe it or not has a media position with Queens Park FC.

Here he is again parading the terrorist supporting flag at another march for Scottish independence.

Now his political views are disturbing & much more disconcerting is his political views & particularly when it will become apparent who he mixes with. 

He certainly likes to support those who committed some of the most heinous crimes in Northern Ireland & expresses support for those who foolishly killed themselves by refusing food

The recent banners at Celtic glorifying terrorist sectarian murder gangs also features regularly in this social worker’s social media accounts.

This man Sean Davenport is freely accepted into the Scottish nationalist community who regularly march for freedom. Embraced & accepted into their gatherings seamlessly & can display his Cairde Na hEireann flags & regalia. As we seen from the recent march through Glasgow on the 03/06/2017 those with a Union flag these all embracing tolerant nationalists attempted to remove it. Remember this terrorist supporting group sold dolls glorifying the Provo’s & violent Irish republicanism. Strange bedfellows indeed.

If this group & people like Davenport were only embraced by Scottish nationalists on the ground which is alarming enough in itself but it appears he can freely mix with the politicos of the SNP party & beyond.

Here is Davenport outside the Scottish parliament

Here he is with prominent members of the Scottish parliament including Margaret Ferrier who herself was pictured in a IRA memorial garden. Michael Matheson & Ivan McKee along with Ross Greer & Tommy Sheppard all happy to be seen & pictured with a man whose political ideology is very questionable to say the very least & who runs the social media account for a group who have been raided by anti terrorist police. 

Even more disturbing is the Scottish MSP’s who want to support the Palestinian hunger strikers. No doubt if this was 1981 they would like Davenport pictured here be out supporting Irish terrorists. 

This man Davenport as we have seen has seamlessly been able to ingratiate himself with Scottish nationalists who gladly hold his terrorist glorifying group’s flag & is freely pictured with SNP politicians outside the Scottish parliament. 

Two nationalist aspirations freely mingling & being able to recognise their common goals. One seamless doctrine & interwoven with each others ”struggle’

Yes Scottish nationalism & violent Irish republicanism are bedfellows & intrinsically linked & this is what the face of that ”union” looks like.