Ryan Todd @Toddybhoy

I am writing this in connection with someone who many bears have come across on Facebook or twitter, the man in question is Ryan Todd of Cambuslang in Glasgow or @Toddybhoy as he is known on twitter.

This particular individual thought he would play the big man by naming someone and reporting him to Police Scotland for making a video whole singing a song about Celtic player Scott Sinclair, I am not condoning the act but what I believe is double standards from a sectarian bigot who over the years has given racist and sectarian abuse to Rangers fans, Loyalists and Unionists.

Well now Ryan Todd can you explain some of your comments and do you think the Rangers fans, Loyalists and Unionists on social media platforms should report you to Police Scotland?

Here are a few examples of Ryan’s sectarian bigotry

I wonder how his friends and family feel about these especially his wife Sarah who will be embarrassed by all this getting out and the fallout for his children.

If you feel the need to leave him a message you can get him on twitter @Toddybhoy or his Facebook page or messenger as I think he would appreciate the feedback


I will stop short of posting his address or phone number due to his innocent wife and kids, but what Ryan has to realise is that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones as maybe Police Scotland might be interested in you as well as the person you went out of your way to grass in.