Is Phil Mac Giolla Bhain Unhinged?

The title above may appear at first glance to be an over indulgence in mocking a man who is the constant cause of much mirth among the Rangers support. Particularly that mirth surrounds around the name he adopted after he decided to become more Irish than the Irish themselves. Many know him as simply ”three names” which is unfair to him in my opinion but mirth & mockery he certainly brings upon himself.

But for now that is neither here or there because Imperial Bears wants to demonstrate that this poor man is an unfortunate fantasist bordering on, no sorry is unhinged. 

Fantasist ” a person who imagines or dreams about something desired” or ”someone who often has fantasies, or who confuses fantasy and what is real”

Now a lot of speculation surrounds what Mac Giolla Bhain’s birth name actually was. To save time here is a copy of his wedding certificate.

Here you will see

1) his birth name which is Philip Joseph Gerard Gillivan. That is very clearly shown in ”formerly known as Gillivan” 

2) His parents were Philip Joseph Gillivan & Bridget Gillivan (Maiden name Murphy) 

So before Mac Giolla Bhain gave himself an Irish translation it is beyond reasonable doubt he was named Gillivan & the son of a humble builder’s labourer.

Writing on Slugger O’Toole nine years ago in the comments section Phil claimed in the comments section”My Da was a Westport man” He has claimed this on many occasions. That part can be authenticated & for once our fantasist is telling the truth. Here is the humble builder’s labourer Philip Joseph Gillivan born in Westport.

But from this point it now descends into the fantastic fantasy that Phil is renowned for.

Phil claims his Grandfather was from Westmeath. Here he succinctly describes this fact for his readers.

Now let Phil describe in his inimitable way how his ”grandfather” met a ”Derrig” & of course immortalised his family republican credentials. 

Let it be pointed out here the rebel in Phil appears to be advocating that the republicans hold on to their guns in the year 2001.  

Now note how the young Phil claims he grew up as the central theme of his life with the guns of the IRA! What a childhood! 

But also note what he says. ”My Westmeath grandfather was apprenticed out to Westport. There he met my grandmother a Derrig” He further states ”He also had a gun, and he never lost that either. Guns, he deemed, were necessary tools with which to accomplish an important national task” 

Incredible stuff that a young boy grew up listening to such stories of how guns were acquired & why they had to be used. No wonder he ended up unhinged!

But back to his Westmeath grandfather for now. The only Gillivan around this period mentioned in Westmeath is a man called Gulielmus Gillivan or William.

Who was married to a Bridget Ballesty. Not Derrig!

Now remember & keep in mind Phil has made an almighty fuss around claims his Grandmother Julia Derrig had a brother called ”Mick” who fought the dreaded ”Brits” & who he claims was close to the GHQ of the IRA & ran an entire underground communications system for them in west Mayo. Incredible stuff!

Let Phil explain yet again about this man who was a man before his time.

Except of course his grandfather was Gulielmus Gillivan from Westmeath. Now Phil in another blog mentions his IRA Grandmother (don’t laugh) Julia Derrig. 

Now lets again recap because like Phil’s new name people can become not a little disconcerted trying to keep up with his dreams. Phil has claimed that he grew up regaled with tales of how his Grandmother & her brother took on the might of the British Empire & won! Except as we have established his grandfather was William & his da a builders labourer.

Now the Gillivan’s do have a connection with Mayo & of course Westport. And the Westmeath Gulielmus obviously made his way back to the Westport area with his wife Bridget as Phil’s labouring father was certainly born there. 

But lets get to the bottom of the Derrig riddle. because this has to be the best & most majestic tale that was ever told or written about. Phil’s grandfather had a distant relative who was either a first cousin or second to Phil’s grandfather. His name is Joseph Gillian. 

Here for the first time in the records we find Julia Derrig. The so called IRA matriarch. But as you see she is living with Joseph & in all reality is doing so as his wife or at least soon to be wife. Now the census gives us a list of the Mayo woman’s family here in 1901

As you see no ”Mick” or Michael.

Here in 1911  the census again provides the Julia Derrig household

Now we see a ”Michael” or ”Mick”

The only problem is that the man Phil claimed took on the British Empire & ran a Guerrilla warfare in West Mayo & who he claimed regaled him with gun stories & who counselled him that guns were ”deemed necessary tools with which to accomplish an important national task” was four years of age in 1911. 

That means that in 1916 this 8 or 9 year old boy directed a military campaign in the west of Ireland with such success that when asked how many men did he lose he could answer ”Lost men? We never lost a dispatch….”

Mick Derrig must go down in history as the youngest ever Guerrilla warfare general the world has ever known! 

As I said at the start of this post a fantasist is someone who imagines or dreams about something desired or someone who often has fantasies,or who confuses fantasy and what is real.

Now there may have been a IRA Mick Derrig from Mayo but one thing is very sure the Mick Derrig of the Phil Gillivan (his real name) line was not him. It appears Phil has jumped upon another Derrig which is no relative & attempted to claim the young Michael Derrig brother of his Grandfather’s cousin as the republican ancestor. That is completely preposterous & resembles much of Phil’s claims. We have demonstrated that he claimed Julia Derrig was his grandmother & was not. We have provided proof a Julia Derrig married a relative of his grandfather & that her brother was 8/9 years of age at the time of 1916. 

We should all actually feel sorry for Phil because to invent such a tale & use it in an attempt to claim some republican credentials something which is an invention of his own personal fantasy bespeaks of a person who is simply not right in the mind. 

In truth not right in the mind just about sums up in total the unhinged Phil Gillivan……….