The Bigger Picture 

The media coverage of Scottish football has this week been dominated by the footballing and political world uniting to show disgust at a couple of moronic Rangers fans who let themselves and their club down by making monkey gestures at Scott Sinclair after he scored the opener at Ibrox on Saturday.
Brendan Rodgers has been extremely vocal in the need to rid society, and football of racism. As a club, Celtic are never slow to jump on the ‘offended’ bandwagon and play the victim at any opportunity.

This is the same Brendan Rodgers who described Luis Suarez as ‘one of the most beautiful men you could meet’. The same Luis Suarez who was banned for 8 games for racially abusing Patrice Evra.
It is also the same Brendan Rodgers who continues to play Leigh Griffiths, a racist piece of filth, who pleaded guilty to charges of singing racist songs. He also escaped punishment for telling a man of Asian descent to ‘go back to his own country’.

The hypocrisy of Celtic , and Brendan Rodgers is frightening. If they were so intent on stamping racism out of the game, this little oddity would have had his contract ripped up long ago. Let us not forget that Celtic also stood by on loan Alexander Tonev when he racially abused Aberdeen star Shay Logan. Do they only want to stamp it out when it suits their victim status???

Don’t expect the Scottish media poodles to question them about this hypocrisy however.
Speaking of Griffiths, we can exclusively reveal that after a warning from Police Scotland not to incite trouble, Griffiths attempted to tie a scarf to the goalposts at Ibrox. When he was stopped, he laid it on the penalty spot and headed for the tunnel.

In the tunnel, this hateful racist bigot was spotted spitting on the walls and carpeted areas of the floor, like a petulant kid! Like the fat PC who watched the Celtic fc fan with a ripped seat above his head, the police had a quiet word in his ear and took no further action!

Imagine this was a Rangers fan singing a song though, eh?