Are Celtic FC turning a blind eye to racism? 

Recently Celtic have taken a very strong stance against racism in sport & sportsmen being racially abused. Everyone apart from the tea lady has been presented before waiting cameras & media for a quote & a picture with tee shirts & of course the obligatory Green Brigade banner.

Keeping that in mind, below is a conversation by email between a concerned citizen & the Celtic SLO John Paul Taylor.

This was in response to this picture of the convicted racist & Celtic supporter Sean Smith clearly being identified at the unveiling of Brendan Rodgers as the new Celtic manager.

Of course this was not a ticket event as clearly defined by some of the Celtic support in their attempt to justify why the convicted racist may have been at Celtic Park. Now just to clarify what was claimed by Celtic when Smith was convicted of racially abusing a Rangers player was that he was given a lifetime ban by the Club

As you can see, the source for that claim in May 2011 is STV who made it pretty clear & confirms on record that Celtic FC claimed they gave the convicted racist a lifetime ban. That means they have the power to enforce that & particularly refuse to allow Sean Smith from entering their stadium when he was under that ban.  Now notice the words of the Celtic SLO ”Anyone that’s banned from the Stadium is made aware in writing”.

You see very clearly that he claims that anyone under a lifetime ban has received written confirmation that they are banned from ”the stadium”.

That means that Smith broke that ban knowingly if he did receive confirmation in writing he was banned from Celtic FC & the stadium. Notice also the evasion from the Celtic SLO when asked ”If they break that ban is removal from the stadium the only option”?

Here we see John Paul’s answer ”I think I’ve answered this the best I can for you. I think you get the general idea, whether it’s the guy you make reference to or anyone else, if they’re banned and they turn up, they’ll be removed”.

“The best I can do for you” is not really good enough because if the Celtic SLO does not know what can & cannot be enforced he is either naïve, ”green”, disingenuous or worst case scenario not very good at his job.

Now that Celtic have the evidence that Sean Smith broke the lifetime ban they can now instruct their lawyers & take him to court to properly enforce the ban and if it is proved that the terms of the ban have been breached then the Sheriff can impose a custodial sentence.

The date of the Sean Smith picture taken at the Rodgers unveiling proves that he broke this lifetime ban also with his latest Celtic top proudly displayed it is very clear that he was in the stadium five years after he received his lifetime ban in writing. We will presume that he did indeed receive a letter detailing in writing that he was banned for life.

As yet we have not heard of any move by Celtic FC to enforce the very clear evidence of the lifetime ban being breached & flaunted by the convicted racist.

Perhaps it is not the first time the convicted racist, Sean Smith, has been at Celtic FC and perhaps Celtic FC have been involved in allowing the convicted racist back into their club. A lifetime ban is after all a lifetime ban and since Celtic FC having written to Sean Smith he would be fully aware he was not welcome therefor by attending any game or event at the stadium ever again would be breaching his ban.

Since this has been highlighted Sean Smith has deleted all his social media accounts and I am certain he would know his lifetime ban was very publicly known; he would not want to highlight the fact he was attending the stadium. The picture of him which indicated he had been at Ibrox was not breaking any ban as it was past the five year football banning order he received from the Courts. But if our own Club Rangers FC are banning fans for life for racist abuse I would fully expect them now to issue a statement that Sean Smith is not welcome at Ibrox Stadium.

Imperial Bears have found evidence that clearly points to the fact that last May 2016 was not the only time the convicted racist had breached his lifetime ban from Celtic FC’s stadium.

On the 19th of October 2016 Celtic played Borussia Monchengladbach in the Champions League at Celtic Park. Now have a look at the claim made by the uncle of the convicted racist Sean Smith

”First game at Paradise with THE NEPHEW. MON THE HOOPS IN ABOUT THIS MOB”

The nephew pictured is of course the convicted racist Sean Smith with his scarf in his hand & ready to go with his uncle to a Celtic game together.

I am pretty certain if Celtic FC run through their CCTV for that particular night then it will be obvious the man pictured & known to be Sean Smith was at that game. The question is was he there under his own name as a season ticket holder or ticket purchase or was he there blatantly breaching his lifetime ban from the stadium for a second known time?

Those purchasing tickets for people known to have a lifetime ban is also a serious offence I am led to believe.

The question are;

  1. Are Celtic serious about anti-racism?
  2. Will they now enforce the lifetime ban they imposed on a convicted racist with a solicitor letter to follow? Or,
  3. Will they turn yet another blind eye & sweep this all under the carpet?

If they do what they historically do with all serious complaints highlighted to them, then as with other serious issues associated with this club, they are only playing lip service to their anti-racism campaign.