Congratulations to the Conservative & Unionist Party for the huge gains made across the UK in the local elections, and particularly in Scotland. The Tory resurgence in Scotland has been remarkable, and picking up seats in Ferguslie Park & Shettleston shows just how sick fed up the Scottish people are of the SNP administration. Folk who have grown up being told by their parents never to vote Tory are seeing that vital services are being neglected by an SNP whose sole aim is independence.

When Theresa May announced a snap election was to take place in June, Nicola Sturgeon predicted that this was a ‘political miscalculation’ by the Prime Minister. Only a couple of weeks later, she began backtracking, insisting that the election is ‘not about independence’. She even had the front to complain that the unionist parties are ‘obsessed with independence’.

Well Nicola, you are fooling nobody! Maybe now you will realise that your blackmailing and constant threats of Indy Ref 2 were the real ‘political miscalculation’. The people of Scotland have no appetite for a second ‘once in a lifetime’ referendum. You had your chance, and couldn’t make the argument. Get on with the day job while you still have it!

On June 8th we have the chance to end this farce once and for all, and claim our country back. If you haven’t registered to vote, get it done now. If you are on holiday at that time, get a postal or proxy vote organised. No excuses! Rid Holyrood of the fascists and end SNP austerity!