Blame the schools!

Blame The Schools!

The Scottish Government and ‘anti-sectarian’ charities like Nil By Mouth claim to want to rid Scotland of bigotry and prejudice based on religion.   You and I know that this is code for persecuting the PUL community.  Only minorities are protected by the current legislation, and only crimes against the minorities are considered newsworthy.  John Mason & Roseanna Cunningham, in fact, have already admitted that the much maligned Offensive Behaviour at Football Act was intended to protect ‘Irish Catholics’.

Last year a dossier of 100 crimes committed against the PUL community was handed over to Police Scotland.  Nil By Mouth and the Scottish Government have also been furnished with this dossier, and it has also been sent by email to Phil Gormley, Chief Constable of Police Scotland.   There has been NO arrests made as a result of this dossier, which included names and addresses of the perpetrators.  In fact, Police Scotland tried to bury the cases by insisting that the complainers would need to take time off work for every single individual case if they were to proceed, to appear as a witness.  There has been NO response to this dossier from Nil By Mouth or the Scottish Government.  We wish they would get a move on, as there is another 200 ready to be handed over!

You and I also know that the root of sectarianism in Scotland is the state sponsored apartheid schooling system, creating a ‘them & us’ mentality.  Childhood friends being split at 4 years of age so that children can be indoctrinated into a religion when they aren’t mature or informed enough to make that decision for themselves is nothing short of brainwashing.  Growing up in a predominantly Roman Catholic area, I personally experienced summer holidays spent on my own as my friends attended a playscheme that I wasn’t allowed to join because I wasn’t RC.  Yet my parents paid to fund this sectarian scheme through their taxes!

The main argument in favour of keeping the apartheid schooling systems operative in Scotland has always been that they provide superior academic results than non-denominational schools, however this myth was smashed last month when figures showed that pupils from faith schools, on average, gain slightly LESS qualifications than their non-denominational counterparts.   Why then, in a time when councils are struggling for every penny under SNP cuts to budgets, are we continuing to fund these underperforming apartheid institutions which lie half empty?

Scotland’s largest school, Holyrood Secondary, has a history of racist, violent & sectarian issues down through the years.  A Catholic faith school with over 2000 pupils, the school takes pride in producing well-educated, well-mannered adults who live the schools values.  Pupils like Frankie Boyle!  In all seriousness though, Boyle, a product of apartheid schooling believes that if we TRULY want to eradicate sectarianism then we need to stop the religiously segregated educational system!

A few weeks ago, one of Holyrood’s deputy head teachers, Margaret Leyden, was pictured larking around in an IRA pose with 3 pupils.  The photo was posted by Jon Wallace, who quickly took it down when he realised his error.  Now Mrs Leyden may well have been duped by pupils into showing support for a proscribed terrorist organisation who were responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent British citizens, but this incident is one of a rising number and should not be swept under the carpet.

Do pupils of these apartheid schools really feel so untouchable that they can get away with exposing a Deputy head teacher like that?  A teacher who, according to reviews online is loved by all the pupils at the school!  Are these the values that Head teacher Laurie Byrne speaks of on the school website?  Are these children being taught hatred from 4 years old?

If self-confessed provo princess Anne Marie Clements, who was sacked last year after admitting a lengthy campaign of sectarian tweets and facebook posts is anything to go by then the answer to that is most definitely yes.  What is more worrying about the case of Clements is that fellow teachers and even senior teachers within her school were connected with her on social media and never took action until the Daily Record exposed her!