Richard McGinley @richiestoke

As our recent articles have demonstrated, the SNP administration have created a haven for Catholic bigots to attack the PUL community with the knowledge that they will be treated leniently in our courts of law, if they even get that far!

Recently it was revealed that Hibs fan, and fervent nationalist, Dale Pryde, escaped a
prison term for attacking the Rangers captain, as well as a female fan. Pryde, who was full of cocaine at the time, admitted the charges. We also saw EU migrant, Daniel Cieslak, walk free from court after admitting raping a 12 year old girl! When you compare the punishment handed to the SNP core voters like Pryde & Cieslak to PUL community member, Scott Lamont, who was JAILED for 4 months for singing a song, it is clear that the justice system in Scotland is working to a clear agenda.

Hopefully their English counterparts are more competent and will treat religiously aggravated hate crimes as serious for all groups, rather than having differing sets of standards depending on their political needs. If they are, then could be a blogger down soon!

A million miles away from our recently exposed, university educated Tam Selleck, we are back to the bread and butter of knuckle dragging hateful bigots. A blogger, who goes by the name of Ralph Malph, is a regular contributor to the sectarian cesspit that is We can reveal that Ralph Malph is actually the online alias of Richard McGinley (or Dick for short) from Stoke on Trent.

If you take a look at Dick’s twitter account @richiestoke you can see he is obsessed with the sectarian term ‘hun’, and seems to have a ‘thing’ for sitting in a cell-like room with desecrated walls……just like his idols.