Celtic Boys Club, A Separate Entity

After the arrest of Frank Cairney last week, Celtic Football Club issued a statement ‘reminding’ the world that Celtic Boys Club is a separate entity from the club.  This was Celtic’s finely tuned sweeping brush attempting to fit more sordid facts under the bulging carpet.  Let us analyse the facts, and hopefully put this myth to bed.  If any of this is wrong, we will be delighted to meet with the same Celtic lawyers who met with the families of victims with a cheque book!
1. Jim Torbett, another of the 6 known paedophiles or sex offenders to have operated from the club, approached legendary Celtic manager and infamous paedophile harbourer, Jock Stein, for permission to set up a ‘nursery’ using the clubs name.

2. During Torbett’s first trial the court was told how Jock Stein kicked Torbett out of the club.  In fact Celtic fans proudly tell you this, thinking it meant he didn’t need to notify the police!  How could Stein kick Torbett out of a completely separate entity?

3. Jock Stein also brought Frank Cairney to the club to get rid of the smears and innuendo surrounding it while Torbett was there.  Not only did Stein let a paedophile roam undetected for decades by failing to notify the authorities, but he also managed to replace him with another!  A club like no other indeed!  But again, can the PR guy with the big brush tell us how Stein was able to make these decisions on behalf of a totally separate entity?

4. When a boy was allegedly abused by ‘Big Frank’ on a trip to the US his family confronted Liam Brady & club scout John Kelman about the ordeal.  Brady insisted that Cairney was removed from his position.  Again, how can Brady insist on the removal of a member of a completely separate entity?

5. The family of the same victim were made to sign a statement saying they would not notify the police.  The agreement was made with Liam Brady (then manager of Celtic Football Club), Celtic FC lawyers, and the current Celtic board which included Kevin Kelly and Jack McGinn.  AGAIN, how could this agreement be made on behalf of a totally separate entity?

6. When Hugh Birt, former Celtic Boys Club Chairman, notified the Celtic board of his concerns over Torbett & Cairney, he was forced to resign, and lost his seat in the directors box at Celtic Park.  Getting boring now, but how can he be forced to resign from an organisation completely separate from Celtic Football Club?

7. When Birt told the bored his concerns, they were referred to club manager Davie Hay.  Why was the club manager involved in an incident concerning a separate entity?

8. Celtic Boys Club used Celtics training ground, Barrowfield, for matches and training.  Did they pay rent?  Is it normal for Celtic to allow completely separate entities to use their facilities on a regular basis?

9. When ‘Big Frank’ was arrested, then Celtic manager and lifelong friend of the alleged paedophile rushed to his defence saying ‘He has the whole of my backing, and that of Celtic Football Club to a man’.  Why would the manager of Celtic Football Club offer the club’s support to a man accused of child abuse involving a separate entity?  Did they come out and offer support of the paedophile linked to Penn State?  Or the BBC?

10. Kevin Kelly, former Celtic Chairman, was Honorary Vice Chairman of Celtic Boys Club.  

11. Kelly, and fellow Celtic director Jack McGinn were director/employee of Torbett’s company, The Trophy Centre.

12. Torbett was a regular in the director box at Celtic Park, and fellow paedophile Frank Cairney was also a regular, as well as ‘having the ear’ of the club management.

13. Fergus McCann instructed Celtic lawyers to take a statement from John McCluskey, one of Torbett’s victims.  Why would club lawyers be involved in an incident affecting a separate entity?

What do you think?  Are they separate entities?  Or are they a vile club showing no remorse for their inactions over a paedophile ring operating in their name?