Mariea Hughes

Imperial Bears would like to thank for bringing Mariea Hughes to our attention. Mariea will be pleased to know that her name will be up in lights shortly.

Mariea is a member of Cairde Na’Eirann, an organisation who have had their shop raided by anti terrorist police and had merchandise confiscated for promoting terrorist organisations. On her FB page she has been asking supporters to ‘buy a doll for the cause’.  These dolls come complete with IRA uniform, guns and a price tag of £100.

As the world worries over the possibility of World War 3, we cannot under estimate the threat of Irish & Scottish Republicanism.  The SNPs obsession with creating an independent Scotland at all costs has brought the fanatical nationalist underbelly to the fore and they are becoming brazen!

Remember when Britain was occupied by events of WW1, the cowardly Irish republicans made a move when our land was at it’s most vulnerable.  And let us also remember that former SNP leader, Arthur Donaldson, cuddled up to the Nazis in a hope it would lead to independence.  Proof that these fascist psychopaths will stop at nothing to reach their goal.

Our justice system must show knuckle daggers and hate filled specimens like Mariea Hughes that they are no longer welcome in our country and will be dealt with in the harshest way possible.

But until then, enjoy your fame Mariea!!