The Gibsons


Patricia Gibson, MP for North Ayrshire & Arran, has single-handedly shown just how pathetic her and her party are, and how completely out out of touch they are with their constituents.
This champagne socialist, along with her husband, Kenny Gibson MSP for Dalry, rake in a combined salary of £135,647. On top of that paltry figure, they claim expenses of almost £100,000.

Further, husband Kenny has been in hot water for repeatedly failing to register his and his wives interest as landlords. With combined property valued at over £600,000. Reportedly, the couple earn between £15-£20k per year from their luxury properties. Very fitting for a man who then headed up the Scottish Government hearing into landlords!!

Astonishingly, oor Patricia once claimed £3.20 for a train journey returning from a 5k charity walk that she made a boastful fanfare of attending! Our money-laden MP raised the paltry figure of £44 but got some great PR from her poodles in the media.

Anyway, I digress. Patricia has her work cut out for her. The North Ayrshire & Arran constituency is amongst the most socially deprived in Scotland, with the 3rd highest rate of child poverty in Scotland. She obviously has her work cut out fighting for all the constituents who live on less than the rental income her and her husband receven from their property portfolio.

Child poverty, though, isn’t Patricia’s priority. Since she has only voted in 64% of commons votes, representing her constituents obviously isn’t up there either. No, Patricia’s main concern is having a Union flag removed from a property in Largs. Apparently it ‘offends’ her constituents.

Time to come clean Patricia. You and your SNP government are not interested in fighting for any constituent who didn’t vote for you. You are not interested in child poverty. You are not interested in the injustice of the welfare system. You are not interested in our education system which has dramatically disintegrated under your watch. You are not interested in our Police force or hospitals which are at breaking point. Your obsession with wanting the EU to dictate our laws shows that you aren’t even interested in independence.

Your sole reason for breathing is to try and break up our beautitul union, because of an irrational, xenophobic hatred of our neighbours.

Not on our watch



The flag in question was removed in the immediate aftermath of the media attention brought to this ludicrous situation.
The metal flagpole, however, is still in place.  Surely a danger of a metal pole assembled without planning permission is a bigger issue than a fabric flag??  Further proof that Patricia Gibson doesn’t care about the welfare of her constituents, and the only motive of this childish episode was to rid the town of a flag that she doesn’t agree with.
I urge everyone to contact Patricia Gibson and complain about the saltire that flies from a house in Skelmorlie. Ask Patricia if there is planning permission for this and complain that you see it as an eyesore.  See how she reacts