James McGrath @Jasbhoy

We have already come across, and exposed, some hate-filled bigots in the last couple of weeks.  It is time the wider public began to see the extent of the religiously aggravated hate crimes that are committed against the PUL community, which go unpunished.  This maggot, however, takes the biscuit.

Those of you unfortunate enough to have come across the twitter account @jasbhoy will be aware of his obsession with Rangers fans and Protestants.  As well as continually mocking the 66 innocent victims of the Ibrox disaster, @Jasbhoy uses the sectarian terms ‘hun’ and ‘orange bastards’ in almost every tweet!  Jas even told a ‘hun’ that his best chance of becoming famous was to commit suicide!


Well Jas doesn’t need to go to those lengths, because Imperial Bears can reveal that @Jasbhoy is the online alias of James McGrath from Ardrossan who works for Coast to Coast Travel.   If any Rangers supporters buses or Orange Lodges use this company you can cancel your buses by emailing Mr Erskine at info@coachtravel.co or calling 01294 602 669.