Imperial Bears

The PUL Community in the United Kingdom have received a timely reminder of the perilous position we find ourselves in. The ‘silent majority’ can no longer afford to remain silent. It is time for each and every member of our community to step up to the plate and defend the civil liberties that our forefathers fought for. The civil liberties that our enemies, ironically, use against us!

The SNP have realised that in order to turn their obsession of independence into a reality they would need the political landscape in Scotland to mirror that of Ulster. The rise of Sinn Fein in Ulster has very little to do with support for a united Ireland, and more to do with the actions and inactions of the unionist electorate. A split unionist vote and apathy are leaving the door ajar for opportunists.

To force the door open, the SNP, who were always considered as a party of Protestant people, courted the support of the Catholic community in Scotland. This step completed the ‘Ulsterisation’ of Scottish politics, and allowed the SNP administration to embark on a blatant sectarian ostracisation of the PUL community.

Nicola Sturgeon became a close friend of Martin McGuinness, a cowardly child murdering piece of filth. No stranger to revisionism and a blatant disregard for the truth, Sturgeon and her SNP ‘Stepford wives’ joined the left wing media in a succession of nauseating tributes to a ‘peace maker’. The insensitivity shown by Sturgeon towards the families of McGuinness’s Scottish victims is staggering. In fact, her statement only reinforces the contempt that her fascist administration show for ‘infidels’.

The SNP representatives and their supporters remind me of the Woody dolls from Toy Story. Pull the string and they have 3 phrases which they can say. They can’t debate any further than the original statement, but prefer to shout the same phrase louder until any dissenters give up. One of the key phrases is ‘the democratic will of the Scottish people’. It is a really good sound bite and fans of the Stepford wives really lap it up. But didn’t our elected representatives vote to repeal the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act? Why then, do the SNP administration, refuse to act on the will of the Scottish people? Rhetorical question of course! John Mason MSP (who describes the IRA as freedom fighters) has already stated on numerous occasions that the Act was brought in to protect Catholics and the Irish community.

This statement seems to be backed up by the fact that a dossier with 100 individuals committing crimes against the PUL community was handed over to Police Scotland over 12 months ago. The dossier included the names and addresses of the perpetrators, meaning that FOCUS could smash their doors in at 5am and arrest them. To this date, not one arrest has been made relating to these serious, religiously aggravated hate crimes. I personally wrote to Nicola Sturgeon, every media outlet in Scotland, and the Chief Constable of Police Scotland to complain about this inaction, and have not yet received a reply from anyone, other than an acknowledgement from Holyrood that correspondence had been received but it was not a matter for them!

Imperial Bears has been set up as a vehicle to protect and defend our community in the face of adversity, and maintain our glorious union. We aim to publicise any crimes against our community, highlight any discrimination suffered by our community, and campaign for parity! We hope to engage with as many PUL community members as possible, and ensure that apathy does not become our downfall.

If you feel that you can help in any way, please get in touch with admin.

In arduis fidelis